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Introduction ofShulan (Hangzhou) Hospital



Shulan(Hangzhou) Hospital was founded by a group of academicians, private companiesand individuals, operating on the principle of ‘Patient atisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, and GovernmentSatisfaction’. Thehospital is built by setting high standards of ‘top-notch expert, high-quality care, and first-rate service’, implementing a ‘personalized yet holistic’ experience to become ainternational, intelligent, high standardized, compassionate and humane newcomprehensive hospital


ShulanHospital began in 2015. It is located in No. 848 Dongxin Road, XiachengDistrict, Hangzhou City, adjacent to the Hangzhou Banshan National Forest Park and the world’s cultural heritage – Shangtang River. Construction under JCIstandards, Shulan Hospital has authorized 1000 beds, and more than 1,000 employees. At present, Shulan Hospital is a large-scale general hospital converging medicine, education, scientific research, prevention and healthcare as a whole. 

树兰澳门威尼斯人网址秉承“尚学、开放、勇敢、效率”的核心价值观和“以人为本、大医精诚”的办院宗旨,始终坚持“三高四化三满意”的办院理念,致力打造“中国社会办医标杆”,探索医改新模式。树兰澳门威尼斯人网址是中国首家通过JCI第六版评审的大型社会办综合性澳门威尼斯人网址。目前已经开通省市医保,属于浙江省异地就医联网结算医疗机构,国家首批跨省异地就医结算澳门威尼斯人网址,杭州市无烟澳门威尼斯人网址,获得“2016年浙江省社会办医十佳品质澳门威尼斯人网址”、“2016年度民营澳门威尼斯人网址品牌传播百强澳门威尼斯人网址”、“2017年浙江省十佳社会办医最具影响力澳门威尼斯人网址”、“2017年巾帼再就业基地” “2018 ‘十佳’社会办医互联网+智慧医疗澳门威尼斯人网址”等称号。

Founded on a culture of “learning, open, valiant and effective,” and an aim of “patient-centered care with grand master of medicine”, Shulan Hospital always upholds the idea of running a hospital with three-four-three philosophy,in order to be a model of private healthcare in China, and explores a new model of medical reform. Shulan Hospital is the first private large-scale general hospital in China to receive accreditation in JCI’s 6th edition. Currently, Shulan is a non-smoking hospital accepting provincial and municipal medical insurance. The hospital has been awarded the titles as “Top Ten Quality Private Hospital in 2016”, “Top Hundred Hospital of Private Hospital Brand Communication in 2016”, “Top Ten Influential Private Hospital of Zhejiang in 2017” ,“Women’s Re-Employment Base in 2017” and “top ten Internet+ WIT120 private hospital in 2018”.


Shulan Hospital attaches great importance to the development of science and technology, striving to create leading domestic dominant disciplines. Now, there are 51 clinical medical departments and labs, including hepatobiliary & pancreatic surgery, infectious disease, GI and thyroid breast surgery, nephrology, hematology and gynecology, equipped with the full range of medical devices, such as integrative operation room, ICU, endoscopy center, artificial liver instrument, 3.0T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), dual-source computed tomography (DSCT),PET-CT,DSA  ECMO,and Da Vinci Xi Surgical System. The hospital also provides various medical services, such as rehabilitation, nutrition, health examination, remote-consultation, regional medical imaging, regional clinical test and accepts international medical insurance. The hospital has obtained the qualifications for liver,kidney,heart and lung transplantation. HBP, infection disease, GI and thyroid breast surgery, and nephrology departments have ranked in the forefront of international Medicine. Since the opening of the hospital, a large number of patients visited, especially the patients with difficult and complex diseases, and the emergency/outpatient/operation volume has increased rapidly. Now Shulan has become one of the critical disease diagnosis and treatment centers in China, ranked top in provincial comprehensive medical level, and gets AAA in credit rating and Five-star in capability evaluation. Shulan’s patients’ satisfaction rate is higher than 98%,



Shulan Hospital always puts the talent team model as the core element to improve hospital competitiveness. It actively attracts leading talents, bringing high-level expertise to Shulan. Up to now, the hospital has cooperated with Many famous medical experts at home and abroad,set upAcademician Expert Workstations to provide outpatient clinic service regularly, to give lectures, to perform operations and to provide remote consultations. It hasestablisheddeep and extensive cooperation in the fields of medical personnel training, specialty construction, hospital operations and management. In order to help employees “broaden staff horizons and improve techniques”, incentivizes young talent, to build strong scientific teams within their departments. The hospital actively promotes a series of preferential policies to encourage employees to study outside Shulan Hospital and pursue a doctorate. It identifies and sends excellent employees to attend first-class colleges and universities in China and abroad for further study.


Shulan hospital insists on promoting international cooperation in its development strategy of “balancing local practice with a worldview”. Shulan has built international multidisciplinary teams, and developed friendly and productive relationships with dozens of clinical academician expert, research institutes and hospitals, including University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Massachusetts General Hospital of Harvard University, the University Medical Center of Princeton in America, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Union Hospital, and Macau University of Science and Technology. Shulan has also established Shulan International Organ Transplantation Center, Sino-US International Liver Disease Center, and Remote Home Automation Peritoneal Dialysis Center etc. In addition, Shulan Hospital plans to introduce other services at the leading edge, including genetic testing and immune cell therapy.


Shulan places great importance on research and teaching, and the sustainable development of the hospital.Shulan staffs apply for and complete all kinds of national research projects.While focusing on clinical work, Shulan medical staffs also pay attention to clinic experience, exploration of new techniques and theories, and publication of papers in SCI journals. Shulan Hospital, with state drug clinical trial institution certification, is a standardized training base for residents in Zhejiang Province, admitting internal medicine,surgery,obstetrics and gynecology,general practicestudents, psychiatry,radiology,ultrasonography doctors.The hospital also has set up a Shulan International Nursing College with Zhejiang Shuren University to train professional nursing staffs on an international level. In 2017, Shulan co-builds and cooperates Shulan International Medical College with Zhejiang Shuren University, aiming to educate medical talents with global visions. 



Shulan Hospital earnestly implements “Healthy China” national strategy, assumes social responsibility and devotes resources to public welfare programs. Shulan has organized more than 100 free clinics for community residents, carried out staff’s blood donation, and provided free medical security for large social activities. A new generation of medical staff has emerged, such as Nurse Li Qian, who is called “an angel in white” by media and patients, Mou Haibo, “the most trustworthy oncology doctor” and Fang Xiangming, “a good gynecology doctor”.


Simultaneously, Shulan Hospital is constantly building an intelligent medical hospital. Through a deep use of advanced IT, such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and web of things, Shulan emphasizes the concept of a ‘personalized yet holistic’ healthcare service procedures and management system. Shulan creates a body information model (BIM) for every medical activity, in order to improve medical treatment, skill and an achievable and consistent service experience, ultimately fulfilling the 5P medical model (Preventive, Predictive, Personalized, Participatory, and Precision).


Leaders of the state, province and municipality have visited Shulan Hospital many times. They thought: “Shulan Hospital is an exemplary model for private hospitals” and it is a hospital that is “resolving problems for the government and solving problems for the people”!


In line with the principle of “sharing resources, serving substratum and benefitting humankind”, Shulan will give full play to the academic and personnel advantages, along with technology, research, brand and management advantages, provide better service for patients, in addition, make beneficial attempts on deepen healthcare reform and management system. Remembering the mission of “to discover the essence of life and care for all”, Shulan will strive forward for the realization of “Healthy China” Dream!